SHARING AND MAINTAINING the wonder of the animal and plant life of the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge through educational programs and events is the primary focus of Friends of Quivira. Friends of Quivira was formed in 1998 to assist the Refuge with educational programs/events and stewardship.
No Hunting Zone

FRIENDS of Quivira is

A NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION, the Friends of Quivira purpose is to "support the development of the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge." That purpose includes but is not limited to:Owl

  • Increasing awareness of the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge and its contribution to the community
  • Sustaining the programs of the organization, including education, publications and special events
  • Recruiting volunteers and raising funds to support the organization and the educational programs of the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge

BOARD of directors

The Friends of Quivira is administered by a board of directors, composed of a minimum of six members and up to a maximum of 10. The Refuge Manager serves as an ex-officio member. Board members serve a three-year term.


  • Barbara Koester, President
  • Vacant, Vice President
  • Brandon Case, Secretary
  • Mike Munz, Treasurer
  • Max Kottwitz
  • Marilyn Hitz
  • Bruce Falk
  • Lee Sankey

The annual membership meeting is held in the first quarter of the year, at which time yearly reports are presented, board member elections are held and volunteers are recognized.

FRIENDS of Quivira

INFORMATION YOU MAY NOT KNOW...The Friends of Quivira publish a quarterly news-letter, "Quivira Notes", distributed to all members. "Quivira Notes" contains Wildlife path information on upcoming events and programs and articles about the Refuge, (see Newsletter).  At the request of Refuge staff, the Friends of Quivira also purchased a trolley for Pam Martin and ChristieRefuge events, presenting the trolley as a gift to the Refuge.  Providing events to increase awareness and visitation of the Refuge has been a major focus and effort for the Friends of Quivira since its founding. The emphasis has always been on providing high quality educational programs for all ages at no cost. For nearly 13 years, the Friends have provided programs at no charge, thanks to memberships and generous donations from businesses and organizations.